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About Us: Door Handle Designs

Founded in 2003, our business has been built on the principles of the Bauhaus; ie. beautiful things should be available to the average person. We therefore aim at providing good quality, modern designed door hardware at an affordable price.

Our business began out of necessity. We were renovating our home and when it came time to buy door hardware we were faced with a problem; either what we wanted was too expensive or what we could afford was neither attractive nor of good quality.

One of the founders of this business is a registered Architect and as such does not settle for selling the same things as other, nor what is available. Through design and manufacturing, we have come up with not only new designs, but novel ways of creating them.

The design process requires us to consider not only the end use, but also the installer. Our products are therefore not only aesthetically pleasing and of good quality, but they are also easy to install and flexible.

We hope you find a lifetime of joy from our products.