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About Us: Door Handle Designs

Our Story

Over 15 years ago, we were renovating our home and found that when it came to choosing door furniture and locks, we were limited by price. What we could afford was not what we wanted and what we wanted, we could not justify the cost.

We travelled around the world to find that everywhere else, door handles and locks were not only cheaper, but also better and there were so many more progressive designs to choose from. We have strived to give our customers real choices in door handles and hardware ever since.



Strong and Durable

If we find that a door handle or lock is not durable enough, we will refuse to sell it. We source our products from reputable brands and use quality components and materials.


Timeless designs and modern trends

We design and source door furniture that suits current and future trends. Door handles anyone would be proud of for today and tomorrow.


Affordable door handles

Price is very important. We want our customers to choose based on their criteria and not price. Good design does not need to cost the earth.


Easy to install

Not only should the customer be happy, but also the carpenter who installs the door hardware. Our products are quick and easy to install.

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