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Bluetooth Digital Lock

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Bluetooth Digital Lock

The new revolutionary Bluetooth Digital Lock coupled with a smart phone app allows for easy and reliable access to your building without ever having to reach for your keys, and avoids awkward house lock outs. Safer then normal key locked doors, the Bluetooth Digital Lock can only be accessed by those with the master pin code, or those supplied with a temporary pin code or Bluetooth access by the owner of the lock and does not require internet connection to function.

The new lock is essential to having a safe home which, whilst being easy access for wanted visitors, is drastically more difficult for intruders to surpass in comparison to the conventional key locks.

Key Features:

  • Accessing the Lock – There are three ways to access the lock, the first being by pin.
    • The pin lock is simple. Tap the screen with your hand, and then proceed to punch in the pin number, entering it with the hash key.
    • The second mode is the Bluetooth key function. Simply pull out your smart phone and press the button with a lock icon. If you are within the Bluetooth range, the lock will unlock. You can also lock the door by holding the same button down for a longer period.
    • The third being a physical key. This key is a good back up option as well and can be accessed by taking off the front knob cover of the lock.  
  • Safety – There are multiple safety mechanisms within the lock.
    • One of the safety mechanisms provided by the lock is the auto lock. This function locks the door between 5-120 seconds after use, the time can be set via the smart phone app.
    • Another security feature is the auto lock of the door after five failed pin code attempts, the user will be locked out for five minuets before being able to attempt the pin again.
    • There is also a button at the back of the lock which is a privacy lock out mode. Which essentially is a ‘do not disturb’ mode, this will make the lock no longer accept pin codes or Bluetooth keys.
    • By not using the internet to function, the lock can not be broken into by hackers.
  • Access by Others – The Bluetooth Digital Lock can be accessed by visitors via a shareable pin code or Bluetooth key.
    • How to share the pin/Bluetooth key is simple, just create a new pin and share it via email, social media or messages. If you don’t want the visitor to have permanent access to your building you can set a start and finish time/date for the pin or Bluetooth key that you created for them via the mobile app. You can also set pins with intervals, this allows for the pin to only be valid on particular days. 
    • If you want shared master access with others you can simply share the accounts password and username.
  • Battery – The batteries required for the Bluetooth Digital Lock are four AA, and will last for over a year before needing to be replaced.
    • When the battery life is running low the lock will automatically send out a low battery alarm. An accurate reading of the battery life can be seen via the app.
    • If the battery life does run out and you are outside, simply grab a 9V battery and press it against the bottom of the lock to give it a jump start. Then proceed to put in your pin and go inside to grab replacement batteries. 
  • Activity Log – Via the smart phone app the master owner is able to track uses of their Bluetooth Digital Lock.
    • An instant feed of the uses of the lock is sent to the owners account.
    • The account name, date and time is listed which gives the owner an accurate representation of who has been using their lock.

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