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Dash handle animated GIf file in satin white


A New Concept in Door Handles


Welcome to the future of door handles, where innovation meets elegance.

Introducing the ultra-modern, slim, minimalist handle that transforms the aesthetics and functionality of opening and closing doors.

The aesthetic appeal of this handle is unparalleled. Its stunning simplicity is matched by its elegance.

Features include:

  • Solid brass construction.
  • magnetic latch and striker plate included
  • striker plate is adjustable in order to eliminate rattling doors

Comes in 3 finishes:

  • Matte Black
  • Brushed Gunmetal Grey
  • Satin White


  • Passage (standard)
  • Privacy (adaptor kit)
  • Entrance (adaptor kit available in keyed alike options or keyed different). Maximum 10 Entrance kits can be keyed alike in each colour at no extra cost.

Small lever action required to open the door. Top area of the lever components allows fingers so that you can pull the door.


Please wait for the 3D model to load.
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Press the ‘AR‘ button to place the 3D model in the real world – only available on smart devices

Dash Handle shown in exploded view


  1. Cover Plate for Entrance Kit
  2. Passage Cover Plate
  3. Lever Handle – Left Hand
  4. Emergency release for Privacy Kit
  5. Key cylinder for Entrance Kit
  6. Fixing Plate
  7. Magnetic latch
  8. Magnetic Striker plate (adjustable)
  9. Spindle
  10. Fixing Posts
  11. Lever Handle – Right Hand
  12. Passage Cover Plate
  13. Thumb turn cover plate for Entrance and Privacy Kits

*Print scale = 100% for Instructions and Template. Do not print to any other scale.

Check dimensions before after printing before using template


Dash handle - dimension line diagram

Your questions answered

Common questions

Our Passage sets include everything you need for a new door. This includes:

  • Handles for both sides
  • All screws, spindles and fixings required to install the handle
  • Instructions which include a template
  • Magnetic latch (colour matched)
  • Striker for the magnetic latch (colour matched

This will depend on what holes are left behind by your existing door handles or knobs. You will need to look at the dimensions shown on this page to ensure that the handles, latch face and striker plate will cover whatever holes and marks left behind by existing handles or knobs.

Please pay special attention to the width of latch faceplates. Most are 25mm wide, whereas the Dash latch is only 22mm wide. This will mean you would have to do some filling and painting. If unsure, please ask your installer or builder.

Yes you can. When you purchase, please add notes to tell us how many you want keyed alike.

For example:

“Can i get 3 keyed alike and one keyed different”

This way we will send you 3 entrance kits with the same key and 1 with a different key. You will still get 3 keys for every Entrance Kit.

Please note that Entrance Kits are colour matched to the handles, so if you are buying different colours, you will need to explain which colours are keyed alike. Please note that we cannot key alike across different colours. For example, we cannot key alike a black and a white handle as the kits also come with thumb turn and cover plate with hole for the key.

You will need to take off the outside cover plate by lifting from the underside of the plate. The plate is held in position by ball catches.

You will see a brass circle with a slot in the middle. Just use something flat like a flat head screwdriver, a coin or kitchen knife. Insert it into the slot and turn.

It’s very easy

Yes it is normal that the Dash handles are a little bit stiff. In order for the handle to look good and always straight, it needs a strong spring to ensure it always returns to the correct position.

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