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Showing 1–24 of 67 results

Collection Summary: Elevate Your Space with Modern Elegance

Welcome to our exclusive collection featuring the epitome of sophistication – Matte Brushed Nickel Hardware. Transform your living spaces into modern marvels with our exquisite range, meticulously designed to elevate both style and substance.

Matte brushed nickel is a highly favoured, modern, bold finish that is exceedingly popular with builders and homeowners alike. Using matte brushed nickel is great for any new builds and renovations. Many builders opt for a nickel finish to compliment other hardware.

We construct our items from a durable zinc alloy. This results in a highly durable handle that is suitable in a variety of environments. Front doors, side gates and wardrobe doors can all use brushed nickel to provide a clean look for the whole house.

A Symphony of Accessories

We also offer a variety of accessories that match, compliment and are used in conjunction with our matte brushed nickel hardware. Privacy snibs, deadlocks, dummy kits, mortice locks are just the beginning to matching all your hardware and design choices.

Hinges: Where Strength Meets Style

High quality matte brushed nickel hinges are a staple of our range. Doors are getting larger and larger and as such hinges and pivots must accommodate the extra weight in doors. We offer a range of hinges ranging from residential style butt hinges to commercial fast-fix hinges. We also offer concealed hinges; perfect for concealing hidden doors behind cladding or just when you don’t want to see the hinge at all.

Door Stops: Protecting Elegance

Door stops are also available in a matching finish. Whether you need them on the floor, wall or with a magnet to prevent the door swinging in the breeze, door stops will protect your doors from excessive hinge swaying and denting the plaster.

Security Meets Aesthetics

Deadlocks, mortice locks, and digital locks are just some of what we have to offer for home security. Know that you will never have to sacrifice appearance for security with our high quality deadlocks.