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Brushed Entry Pull Handles

Brushed pull handles are becoming the new standard in entry door hardware. Entry doors are the focal point in any new build or renovation. We offer a wide range of pull handles and accessories that can be used on almost any door setup. Pull handles make a statement that radiates a unique statement of elegance and modernism. We offer a variety of differently sized pull handles as every door is different. For instance we offer small modest sizes like the 300mm and 550mm pull handles which very good for glass styled timber doors. Larger pull handles such as the 1800mm or 1200mm are an excellent choice for grand pivot doors. Above all else, pull handles are an excellent addition to any internal doors as a feature.

Our pull handles are made from high quality 304 grade stainless steel. This is one of the most durable finishes available on the market for door hardware. In turn, this makes them highly suitable for many external applications against the wind and rain. We manufacture our pull handles to a thicker gauge (thickness) than normal to prevent bending and flexing over time. In turn, our large pull handles are more durable over time, an advantage we have over many other competing brands. We offer offset pull handles as well. Commercial style aluminium doors use these pull handles for their durability and ease of use.

Home security is a top priority for any external door. As such we pair high quality deadlocks with our pull handles range. This ensures that you never have to sacrifice aesthetics for security. Our deadlocks are simple clean and highly versatile.