Brushed hinges and pivots are fast becoming common for residential and commercial builds. Our brushed hinges are both strong in quality and have a matte black finish to complement our other door hardware. Many builders and architects strive to maintain a consistent look on all the doors and seek to achieve a unique look.

We forge our hinges using stainless steel and finished off with a high quality matte black spray. Side gates, back doors and even door along the coast can all use out hinges as they are highly durable. The ball bearing mechanism that out hinges have allow for a smoother operation and allow hinges to take more weight. The black spray that is applied is a high quality spray that results in a smooth matte finish.

In addition to our standard hinges, we offer high quality concealed pivot hinges. Doors that are heavier or wider than the standard normally do not use standard hinges as they cannot take the weight. Therefore we have a selection of pivots for large entry/feature doors. Our pivots are made from high quality stainless steel and often come with additional features. Pivots can be set up to hold doors in an open position or have them close shut automatically.

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