Home security and safety is a top priority when it comes to any new build or renovation. As such it is important to choose external locks so they are both strong against intruders yet safe to use and versatile. We offer a range of high security black locks and bolts that can be used in a variety of environments. Front doors, side doors, back gates and shopfronts are all common setups with high security locks. In addition we also sell a variety of electronic and combination locks. This allows a wider range of access control and different entry setups. Our locks pair with security systems for full home automation as well; a common trend nowadays for total access control without a mountain of keys to carry around

Our black locks are made from a variety of materials; mostly high quality brass and stainless steel. This ensures two distinct advantages. Firstly is allows it to be highly resistant against wind and weather. Secondly it is resistant to intruders simply trying to force the lock open with little effort.

We also offer a variety of commercial locks. There are highly versatile and used for a variety of high end commercial entities such as offices, building and shopfronts.

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