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Circular Gunmetal Door Stop

Door Stoppers

Door stoppers are small but essential accessories that play a significant role in maintaining the functionality and safety of doors. They are simple devices designed to prevent doors from closing or opening too far, protecting walls, furniture, and other objects from damage, while also providing added security and convenience. Door stoppers come in various shapes, […]


Striker Plate

Striker Plate A strike plate is a piece of hardware that works with a lock to keep a door secure. Strike plates are installed on the door frame and contains a hole which receives the spring loaded latch or bolt which comes out of the latch or lock. There are a few generic type of […]

square locks


Deadlock Deadlocks are locks that when in the deadlock mode, they deny a person from unlocking the lock from either side of the door without the use of a key or similar. The idea is that a thief cannot open a door by breaking a window adjacent to the door and just stick their arm […]

Stainless Latch


A latch is a device that is fitted into the door that allows a door handle or door knob to retract it. Latches are generally not sold with door handles. They need to be ordered separately Latches come complete with striker plate and screws Latches come in three backsets; 45mm, 60mm and 70mm. 60mm backset […]



Backset Backset is the distance for locks and latches which measures the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the mechanism. The most common backset in the industry is 60mm. Many locks and latches also come in various backsets. Below are some typical backset that can be found in different mechanisms: […]