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Doors hinges are commonly overlook when undergoing a renovation or new build. Therefore it is important to have hinges that not only look good but are also strong and durable. We offer a variety of hinges, self closing pivot systems, concealed adjustable hinges, hydraulic pivots, radius hinges for pre- hung doors, stainless steel ball bearing hinges for strength and much more to suit both your style and budget.

Our standard hinges are 304 grade stainless steel for maximum durability and strength. They suit both internal door and external front doors and gates. The ball bearing mechanism allows the hinge to hold more weight on a door and ensures smooth day to day use. We offer them in black, white, stainless and gunmetal so they either show off or hide on your doors. It is very common now that hinges will match the doors hardware for a flawless all in one look.

Our pivot hinges are the ultimate choice for custom style doors. We offer both internal pivots which are great for concealed wardrobes and ensuites. This give you the appearance of a hidden bathroom which is a very modern design choice. We also have hydraulic pivots for heavier front doors. They have a built in closer and hold open mechanism for easy day to day use.