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  • A latch is a device that is fitted into the door that allows a door handle or door knob to retract it.
  • Latches are generally not sold with door handles. They need to be ordered separately
  • Latches come complete with striker plate and screws
  • Latches come in three backsets; 45mm, 60mm and 70mm. 60mm backset is the standard and by far the most common. 45mm and 70mm backset latches are become more and more difficult to find.

magnetic latch white

The quality of latches can vary greatly.

  • One of the more common issues is the quality of the hub. This is the square part where the spindle goes through. The 3 main materials used are nylon, zinc alloy and brass. The best quality ones are made of brass and the least best are nylon.
  • Many latches today are double sprung. This means that they have springs to help keep a lever handle up as well as return the latch to the outward position.
  • Double sprung latches can be too stiff for round knobs. Round knobs are harder to turn as there is no leverage. If you wish to install round knobs, make sure that the latch you use does not give too much resistance.
There are 2 different type of heads available on some latches. These include drive in and standard rectangular. Drive in latches are designed for fast and easy installation. The carpenter needs only to drill a 25mm hole and then place the latch in the hole and force it into the hole. Sometimes you need to put a thick cloth on top and bang it in with a hammer. The end result is a very tidy round face plate on the edge of the door. With the rectangular face plate latches, these are normally around 57mm high x 25mm wide with 2 screws holes, one above the latch and one below the latch. The faceplate needs to be either chiselled or routed out to get a flush finish on the end of the door. The benefit of these types of latches is that they are more secure from movement due to the 2 screws.

At the Lock and Handle, we have a new product which is the My Magnetic Latch. These latches have the best of all worlds in that they have interchangeable faceplates with both drive in and rectangular ones which allow retrofitting as well as new door installations. You can find all our latches in all our finishes by clicking the ‘Shop Now’ button below.

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