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At The Lock and Handle we are proud to be one of the most trusted names in digital door locks across Australia, with our team working tirelessly to deliver tailored lock solutions to each of our customers.

We supply locks that are sleek, stylish and simple, allowing for a quick and easy installation of any new lock system.

Some customers are initially hesitant about the ease of use of a digital lock, thinking that a qualified electrician will need to help get it up and running. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, with many of our digital locks running on batteries to ensure that they can be placed wherever they are needed in your property with a straightforward and hassle-free installation.

We have sent our digital door locks around Australia, providing the right product for each of our valued customers to ensure they feel safe, secure and protected in their home or commercial property.

Each of our digital locks is sourced from proven brands and manufacturers, with all products in The Lock and Handle stock range having to meet a series of stringent quality and design criteria.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about the benefits of a quality digital lock.

Buy Digital Door Locks Online

When they’re in search of digital door locks online, customers from across Australia look to the company with more than 16 years of industry-leading experience. They look to The Lock and Handle.

All of our locks are sold at a competitive price, with our stock lists constantly being updated to include products that mirror current furniture and interior design trends.

Our director is a registered architect, so customers can be confident they will be getting products that are not only functional but will look stunning in any indoor space.

When they buy from our online store, customers can be sure that what they see is what they get, with in-depth descriptions of our available digital locks there to ensure making an informed decision is that much easier.

For a superior selection of digital door locks online, customers know they can’t go wrong with The Lock and Handle.

Exclusive Range of Digital Door Locks in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane

There is nothing more frustrating that needing to unlock a door, only to realise you have lost the key. Worse than the embarrassment are the fees that many locksmiths charge for even the most simple or routine callouts.

But here at The Lock and Handle we have the solution, with a premier range of digital locks available at unbeatable prices. Most of our digital locks use a smart phone app that gives you keyless control without the hustle of hardware credentials.

We supply top-quality digital door locks across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, as well as to customers right across Australia, with our wide product range meaning there is a lock suitable for any door and any property.

Among our sought-after range of keyless entry solutions, customers will find reliable digital and electronic locks for all requirements and budgets.

We supply durable and secure digital locks featuring a number of different access methods, such as iPhone and Android control, swipe card access, digital keypads and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as fingerprint and remote-control options.

To learn more about our comprehensive range of digital door locks, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne customers can call The Lock and Handle team on 03 9489 0515.