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Magnetic door latch with Privacy and Passage functions

The My Magnetic Latch utilizes magnets instead of a spring-loaded metal tongue, making it a versatile option for both drive-in and rectangular applications. It comes with interchangeable latch faces and 2 adjustable striker plates – one for round striker plates and the other for new installations with traditional rectangular striker plates.

Compared to traditional latches, the My Magnetic Latch offers several benefits, including finishes that won’t wear off due to reduced contact between the tongue and striker plate. It can also provide a concealed look, without a visible striker plate on the jamb. This type of latch is ideal for use with long-lip striker applications, such as large square architraves, tiled walls, and pivot doors.

This magnetic latch can be used as either a privacy or passage latch, and is specifically designed to work with the range of ‘MY Handles’. It can also be retrofitted to doors with drive-in latches and round striker plates, with the added bonus of adjustable striker plate inserts to eliminate rattling.

Below is a link to all five different finishes:

Buy now – magnetic latches in 5 different finishes

Remember that these latches are designed to be used with our My Handle range and we have included them as options on our bundled handles. You can see the full range below:

MY Handles – with magnetic latch options


Below is a quick video explaining the product.

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