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Magnetic latch

Magnetic Latch – Matte Black Finish

Our new magnetic latch comes in matte black finish. This new way of closing and opening a door overcomes the problem of having a normal black latch that after only a short while starts to show scratches and scuff marks.

Mechanical latches in matte black finish have a problem – they scratch easily. With the constant hitting of the latch tongue on the striker plate, both latch tongue and striker plate start wearing off showing the substrate metal finish below. This can make a new home look quite old and unsightly. What we have done is to bring to the market a matte black magnetic latch. The way it works is that instead of a latch tongue, there is a magnetic tube. It shoots out when it lines up with the magnetic striker. This way it does not drag along the striker plate avoiding the constant hitting. Apart from this, it acts the same as a normal latch. We have also made sure it fits Australian door handles so it can be used with any of our handles and privacy adaptors.

Feature include:

  • Easy to install
  • No visible striker plate when door is closed. Ideal for secret doors or doors hung on the outside of the jamb.
  • Adjustable striker plate to ensure a tight fit.
  • Standard holes and dimensions to comply with Australian standard way of building.
  • Soft closing
  • Can work with large tolerances – gap between door and jamb tested up to 7 mm
  • Strong magnetic striker which means you can slam the door and it will still latch
  • Ideal for outward opening doors
  • Great for door flush with surrounding walls that open inward
  • No long lip striker plates needed. Especially good for pivot doors
  • Will not work with ezy-jambs as they are made from steel

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