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MY Latch are a range of latches that can be used with the MYO ‘Make Your Own’ handle range.

Available as standard or magnetic latches and in all our finishes including, satin white, matte black, brushed nickel, gunmetal and brushed gold.

All latches have the privacy function built in so they can be used for either privacy or passage functions.

The My Magnetic Latches have the added feature that they have interchangeable faceplates which means that you can use them as drive in or standard latches. So if you are looking at replacing your door hardware and you have pre-hung doors with drive in latches, then its as simple as knocking in these latches as replacements to colour match your new choice.

Magnetic latches also have the benefit that they do not require long lip striker plates as the magnet from the latch side only engages when it detects the magnet on the striker side. This way it’s ideal for doors with square architraves or in bathrooms where the walls are tiled and that extra thickness would normally mean that the tongue hits it on the way.

Make sure you include these latches in your next project