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Showing 25–48 of 104 results

MY Handle Collection

Introducing our innovative ‘Make Your Own’ or MY range of patented handles, where you, the customer, have the freedom to create your own unique handle selections based on your specific needs and personal style preferences. With our easy-to-follow steps, you can customize your door handles like never before!

Step 1 allows you to choose your handle and finish from our wide range of options. Whether you prefer a sleek satin white, a bold matte black, a sophisticated brushed nickel, a luxurious brushed gold, or a stylish gunmetal grey, you can select the perfect handle and finish that complements your interior design.

In Step 2, you can further customize your handle by choosing the cover plate that suits your preference. With options for round or square cover plates, and choices for passage or privacy functions, you can tailor your handle to your specific needs.

Step 3 gives you the flexibility to select the latch that matches your chosen finish. Our My Latch is versatile and can be used for both passage and privacy functions, making it convenient for different types of doors. Additionally, we offer the My Magnetic Latch, which provides a convenient and secure option for doors that require magnetic latches.

Step 4 requires you to choose the universal base, which works seamlessly with all the choices you’ve made so far, ensuring a consistent and cohesive look for your customized handle.

Our ‘Make Your Own’ range is designed to provide you with endless possibilities to create a handle that is truly unique to your style and needs. Whether you’re updating your home or commercial space, our customizable options in satin white, matte black, brushed nickel, brushed gold, and gunmetal grey finishes offer you the freedom to design a handle that reflects your personality and elevates the aesthetic of your space. Get creative and bring your vision to life with our ‘Make Your Own’ range of patented handles.