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Matte Black Entry Pull Handle Sets

Door Handle Designs Available in Melbourne

Our new range of entry pull handles sets is now online.

Our entry pull handle sets include everything you need for a front door. They include:

  • back to back entry pull handles
  • 3 different size
  • Lockwood Paradigm lock. This lock allows the user to snib at night or to deadlock when leaving.
  • Magnetic latches. Allows the user to open and close the door by just pushing or pulling when the door is unlocked. This replaces the use of ball catches and is much easier to install and more reliable. The user can now check the mail, do some gardening without having to lock the door and the door staying closed thanks to the powerful magnets.

These entry pull sets are not only very modern and add a designer feel to your front entry door, but they are also quite affordable. Additionally, the installation of all the components is very easy for carpenters or locksmiths to install. They only require bore holes and avoid the use of mortice locks which are notoriously difficult to install.

There is also a modern trend to apply floorboards to doors to create a rich modern timber look. This means that there are a lot of doors that are very thick and can vary between 45mm up to 80mm. If this is the case, you can select the extension kit to your order and you will be able to cope with the width.

Click on link below to see full range of our entry pull handle sets.



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