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Matte Black Is the New Black

Matte Black Door Handles are the New Black

Matte black – it’s here. And it’s here in full force for home decorating and renovations in 2014 and beyond.

The colour has seen a sharp increase in popularity over the last six months or so for home fittings – particularly in tapware. Renovators, builders and decorators are now scrambling to match their tapware with their door hardware, too, for a complete and unified theme throughout their homes.

Like in clothing fashion, black is compatible with any other colour, as a complimentary provider of contrast and point of interest. Add the understated element of a matte finish and you have a look that makes a statement without detracting from a room’s personality.

So the big question on many peoples lips is – is it a fad or is it here to stay. Fashion items pose a danger to our home decor in the future. Nobody wants to make large design mistakes which they will regret in the future. From a design point of view, form should follow function. In that vein, the materials should be true to their use. For this reason, black door hardware is not so much fashion as an expression of it’s true nature. We associate steel products with blacksmiths work. As such most steel products in simple forms were black – wrought iron for instance. Matte black is therefore not a foreign finish for door handles. For this reason, matte black door hardware will never look out of place if used properly.

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