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Showing 1–24 of 69 results

Look no further than our matte black range that all builders, designers and architects love. Matte black hardware exudes quality and boldness and we offer many different varieties designs and styles ensure.

We achieve our matte black in a few different ways but the end result is always the same; a strong durable finish that can be used through out the whole house for a bold dramatic effect.

We electroplate our handles which results in a smooth matte finish and therefore can be used for the whole house. Our latches are no different and have a strong PVD finish. This creates a highly durable matte finish that is perfect for modern designs. You can go all black and have it all match.

Handles are not the only door hardware that you will look for. We offer many different options in a matching black finish to truly tailor everything to your designs and specifications. From privacy snibs to deadlocks for home security and even pivot hinges that are fully concealed, we provide a vast range to choose from to for all your hardware to match.

Hinges are some of the most requested and highly sought after items. It is critical to match hinges to the door hardware. We offer high quality, durable and long lasting hinges that are finished off in a matte black to complement your door hardware.

Door stops are used to prevent doors from hitting wall and jambs and these also come in a matte black finish. They are able to be placed on both the wall and floor for flexible installations options.