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Make Your Own Handle System | A New Flexible Product Builder

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Make Your Own

New Patented door handle system

Step 1

MY Handle

Choose the style and finish of your handle

Step 2

My Cover Plate

Choose the shape finish and function of your cover plate. Functions include Passage or Privacy

Step 3

My Latch

Choose the latch that suits your finish. The My Latch can be used for both Passage and Privacy functions

Step 4

My Base

No choice here at the moment, you must choose the universal base which works for all choices

Step 4


Here you can see all the items put together. You can print a PDF or Add to Your Cart where you can change the quantities

Pre Build Product bundles

View our large range of handles with different options such as

  • Passage function
  • Privacy function
  • Dummy Sets
  • With or without latch
  • Standard latch or Magnetic latch
  • Filter by finish and/or function