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Make Your Own

New Patented door handle system

Step 1

MY Handle

Choose the style and finish of your handle

Step 2

My Cover Plate

Choose the shape finish and function of your cover plate. Functions include Passage or Privacy

Step 3

My Latch

Choose the latch that suits your finish. The My Latch can be used for both Passage and Privacy functions

Step 4

My Base

No choice here at the moment, you must choose the universal base which works for all choices

Step 4


Here you can see all the items put together. You can print a PDF or Add to Your Cart where you can change the quantities

Make Your Own Handle

Make your own handle by following the steps. Press the “Start” button on the right


You can use the “Filter” button to see only the items with the finish you choose.



Pre Build Product bundles

Can’t be bothered building Your Own? No problem, we have a large range of pre-made bundles you can select.

The Lock and Handle