Tradies Range

Our tradies range handles are designed for anyone that needs to install a large amount. We have 3 different designs and they are highly versatile for any job. We also have a variety of hinges that suit many doors. As such everything will be cost effective and versatile to what you need.

We offer a few different designs in out tradies range. They have several advantages over other regular handles.

Firstly they can fit on a large hole size. This is good when you just want to replace your handles without doing anything extra. Secondly they are manufactured to the same specifications as our other handles. They are made from high quality zinc alloy and are electroplated for a smooth finish, as such, you get a good quality item at a great price. Thirdly, all handles include round drive in latches by default. These are great when the door company has already put there latches in. You can replace them with ours and there is no additional cost.

We also offer radius hinges as well. If your doors already have a hinge that is rounded at the end, you can replace them with ours. We have a few different finishes and also offer the radius hinges in a lift off variant as well. Lift off hinges a used in small bathrooms and powder rooms.

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Showing 1–18 of 23 results