3D Invisible Concealed Hinge | Black


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3D Hinge - Open3D Hinge - Open
3D Invisible Concealed Hinge | Black $59.00
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3D Hinge - Open3D Hinge - Open
3D Invisible Concealed Hinge | Black

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Concealed Hinge - 3D Adjustable

Concealed hinge in a matte black finish

These concealed hinges are for the designers and home owners where aesthetics is everything. Modern and sleek, these hinges are not visible on either side of the door when the door is closed. This makes them ideal for outward opening doors where the client or designer doesn’t want to the the visually invasive knuckle of the hinge sitting out.

Made of the highest quality materials, the hinges allow the installer to adjust them in three dimensions; up – down, side to side and in and out. This is extremely important in new builds where buildings tend to move a bit in the first few years after construction. Also in Australia where we have a lot of reactive clay and doors need adjusting with the changes of season and weather.

3d concealed hinge line diagram


150mm H x 25mm W x 23mm D
Load capacity for 2 hinges40kg
Opening angle180 degrees
Suitable for:Timber doors and frames
AdjustableSide and height +/- 3 mm, depth +/- 1 mm
Adjustments made using a 4 mm Allen key
Cover PlatesComes with rectangular faceplates. Will have rounded faceplates in the near future

Your questions answered

Common questions

Nothing. They are the same thing. They are also commonly referred to as SOSS hinges, 3d hinges and hidden door hinges.

These adjustable concealed hinges are designed for doors starting from 35mm thick.

2 hinges are designed to take 40kg which is the same as standard 100x75x2.5mm hinges.

Adding 2 hinges at the top of the door/frame will support more weight.

We do not provide cutout jigs however there are a few companies in the market who sell jigs for these hinges.