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8800 Series Size 4 Standard Floor Spring 90 Degree Hold Open


9800 series overhead transom hydraulic pivot door closer with 90 degree hold open (Brushed Stainless Steel)

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The Lockwood 8800 Series Floor Closers are designed to provide door control on manually operated double action doors in a wide range of commercial applications.

The mounting kit provided with the Lockwood 8800 Series will suit glass, timber and aluminium frame door construction as standard.

Features of the 8800 Series Floor Closer

  • 4 power
  • 90˚  hold-open
  • Adjustable pivot inserts
  • Pivot door sets

Door Width
Up to 1150mm (refer to selection procedure)

Door Weight
Up to 120kg as standard

Door Thickness
Minimum for timber 32 mm

Door Control
Two independent adjustment valves provide full hydraulic control from 130˚ to 15˚ of closing and 15˚ to 0˚ of latching.

Door Frame Type

Non Hold-Open and Hold-Open Versions
Available in both non hold-open and hold-open versions. Mechanical hold-open 90˚ and 105˚ in separate units.

Door Adjustment
The Lockwood 8800 is positionally adjustable for a height of 4mm, a width of 10mm and a length of 9mm.

Additional Features
Interchangeable extended pivot inserts ranging from +5 to +35mm. This range will accommodate applications such as threshold, carpeted floors or situations where additional clearance between the door and floor are required. Universal off set pivot sets for flush closing single action door applications (SP844-30).

Pivot Door Sets
Suitable for door applications where a free swing pivot door is required. Consists of retractable top pivot set with heavy duty bottom pivot and strap. Suitable for aluminium,
glass and timber doors.

Additional Information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions34 × 13 × 8 cm


8800 Floor closer diagram

8800 Floor closer diagram