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Artemis – Round – Satin White

SKU: Z-7004-WH


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Please note that magnetic latches not suitable for existing jambs or steel frames such as Ezyjambs Door handles are sold in pairs and dummy spindle kits are sold individually


Artemis – Round – Satin White

For all those who have been asking for white handles, we have now got the popular Artemis handle in white finish. You can choose white magnetic latches which are designed to avoid scraping along the striker plate and help keep the white finish for longer

You can now have that white on white look so that the walls, doors and handles become subservient to the artwork and other features you may wish to have stand out. This ‘Museum Look’ is currently very popular amongst designers.

Durable satin white finish. Our satin white blends in well to be concealed and hidden to the eye.
Screw on cover plate ensures stability over usage.
Will suit up to 50mm hole typically found on most popular pre-hung doors.
Suits doors 35-45mm thick, pre-latched doors with holes up to 50mm diameter.
Quick and easy installation. Can be used with a privacy adaptor for bedrooms and bathrooms.
Can be used externally for front doors, side doors etc. We have matching white locks and other accessories for that minimalist look.


Buy door handles online or visit our Melbourne showroom


Instructions (Round)

Use the links below to download the handle templates and privacy instructions. The privacy instructions must be followed carefully to ensure correct application and functionality of the handles. Please note that if you intent to print off the templates, ensure that the scaling is correct and to use the scale on the templates to ensure accuracy. Make sure templates are printed at the correct scale.

Click here to download privacy adaptor instructions

Click here to download cutout template


artemis lever handle

artemis lever handle

mm to inches

Millimeters to Inches table Artemis - Round - Satin White

1mm     3⁄64inches21mm   53⁄64inches41mm   1 39⁄64inches
2mm     5⁄64inches22mm   55⁄64inches42mm   1 21⁄32inches
3mm     1⁄8inches23mm   29⁄32inches43mm   1 11⁄16inches
4mm     5⁄32inches24mm   15⁄16inches44mm   1 47⁄64inches
5mm     13⁄64inches25mm   63⁄64inches45mm   1 49⁄64inches
6mm     15⁄64inches26mm   1 1⁄32inches46mm   1 13⁄16inches
7mm     9⁄32inches27mm   1 1⁄16inches47mm   1 27⁄32inches
8mm     5⁄16inches28mm   1 7⁄64inches48mm   1 57⁄64inches
9mm     23⁄64inches29mm   1 9⁄64inches49mm   1 59⁄64inches
10mm   25⁄64inches30mm   1 3⁄16inches50mm   1 31⁄32inches
11mm   7⁄16inches31mm   1 7⁄32inches51mm   2 1⁄64inches
12mm   15⁄32inches32mm   1 17⁄64inches52mm   2 3⁄64inches
13mm   33⁄64inches33mm   1 19⁄64inches53mm   2 3⁄32inches
14mm   35⁄64inches34mm   1 11⁄32inches54mm   2 1⁄8inches
15mm   19⁄32inches35mm   1 3⁄8inches55mm   2 11⁄64inches
16mm   5⁄8inches36mm   1 27⁄64inches56mm   2 13⁄64inches
17mm   43⁄64inches37mm   1 29⁄64inches57mm   2 1⁄4inches
18mm   45⁄64inches38mm   1 1⁄2inches58mm   2 9⁄32inches
19mm   3⁄4inches39mm   1 17⁄32inches59mm   2 21⁄64inches
20mm   25⁄32inches40mm   1 37⁄64inches60mm   2 23⁄64inches
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