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Bluetooth Digital Entry Lock


Bluetooth Digital Lock

Great looking versatile digital entry handle with keypad. No need to carry keys anymore. Can be set with autolock function so you can just close the door behind you when you leave and it will lock automatically

This lock allows users to manage access via smart phone app. You can choose who has access and when they can have access and for how long. Great functionality through the phone app.

Battery operated, so no need for an electrician. Can also replace existing deadlocks and entry handles that have used a 54mm bore hole for the lock.

  • Finish: Matte Black

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This Bluetooth Digital Entry Lock is a simple to use versatile lock for those who want the convenience of keyless entry. It uses the same smartphone app (TTLock) which gives the use control over the

Key Features:

  • Accessing the lock – There are three ways to access the lock: Pin code, Bluetooth key and conventional key.
  • Safety – The Bluetooth Digital Lock has multiple safety functions: Auto lock after a period of time after opening or after 5 failed pin attempts, Privacy lock out mode, can’t be hacked as it’s not connected to the internet.
  • Access by Others – Access to the lock can be shared by the owner through the app. This access can be set to a particular time or day.
  • Upto 150 pin numbers can be sent to various users. Each of which can have restrictions places such as access times, or how long they can use the lock. Great for giving access to family or friends for certain periods of time or regular visitors such as cleaners, nanies and the like.
  • Battery – The battery lasts for over a year and has an alarm for when it is running low on power.
  • Activity Log – The owner of the lock can track its uses via the app.

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Product does not include batteries.




Bluetooth Digital Entry Lock

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