Bluetooth Digital Lock + Fingerprint


Bluetooth Digital Lock with Finger Print

This lock is not designed to be exposed to direct sunlight or rain. It is not IP rated.

This digital lock is one of the best looking locks on the market. Glass faced, it lights up when you put your hand over it allowing you to enter your pin code in order to unlock the lock. You can also use a smart phone, fingerprint, swipe card or open the door with a key.

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Bluetooth Digital Lock with Finger Print

This new improved Bluetooth Digital Lock now comes with fingerprint access and swipe card as well. Coupled with a smart phone app allows for easy and reliable access to your building without ever having to reach for your keys, and avoids awkward house lock outs. Safer then normal key locked doors, the Bluetooth Digital Lock can only be accessed by those with the master pin code, or those supplied with a temporary pin code/Bluetooth access by the owner of the lock and does not require internet connection to function.The new lock is essential to having a safe home which, whilst being easy access for wanted visitors, is drastically more difficult for intruders to surpass in comparison to the conventional key locks.

Key Features:

  • Accessing the lock – There are five ways to access the lock: Finger print, Swipe card, Pin code, Bluetooth key and conventional key.
  • Safety – The Bluetooth Digital Lock has multiple safety functions: Auto lock after a period of time after opening or after 5 failed pin attempts, Privacy lock out mode, can’t be hacked as it’s not connected to the internet and anti tamper alarm – the lock will sound an alarm if someone tries to damage it.
  • Access by Others – Access to the lock can be shared by the owner through the app. This access can be set to a particular time or day.
  • Battery – The battery lasts for over a year and has an alarm for when it is running low on power.
  • Activity Log – The owner of the lock can track its uses via the app.
  • Users – Up to 300 users can be programmed into the lock

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Product does not include batteries.

Please note that for insurance purposes this lock is not a deadlock. Please contact your insurance company before purchasing this product.



Maximum door thickness= 60mm



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