Door Stop | Half Dome | Floor Mounted | Chrome Plated


Great for bedrooms, kitchen and hallway doors, the Half Dome Door Stop is simple and minimal. Suitable for external doors as well and easy to install on tiles, timber and carpet.

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The half dome door stop is a common choice for both builders and architects. The half dome door stops suit both internal and external doors. This door stop is common in preventing the door from opening up to much when there is no wall. This prevent the handle from damaging the door and vice versa.

Floor door stops can stop the door at any opening or angle. For instance, placing them close to the hinges allows them to conceal easily for a modern architectural finish.

Half dome doors stop are used in conjunction with other round items however, such as round lever handles and flush pulls. Architects and designs consider this a top priority when making design choices.

Key features:
  • Chrome plated finish. The polished finish is one of the strongest finish on the market. This results in high durability and stability.
  • Duel concealed screw fix. The rubber conceals the screws after installation in addition to a strong anchorage to any floor or carpet.
  • Very strong and capable of stopping heavy doors.
  • Highly versatile. The door stop is commonly installed on timber in addition to carpets and tiling.
  • Very affordable and stylish. Popular with designers above anything else for that modern concealed look
  • Commercial quality.
  • Height = 27mm
  • Width = 47mm

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