Door Stop | Square | Wall Mounted | Matte Black


This product will be discontinued.

A simple strong wall mounted door stop. The square design is modern and suits our other square style products for style and functionality.

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black door stopblack door stop
Door Stop | Square | Wall Mounted | Matte Black $9.50
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The wall mounted brushed stainless steel door stop is a versatile useful addition to any build or design. This door stop will prevent handles and door opening right up against the skirting board. If left unchecked, this could cause damage over time, something no one would want. The door stops have a base that removes easily for both cleaning and painting. The brushed look matches our other hardware for a consistent look.

You can fix wall mounted door stops to skirting board and also to the back of doors. In bathrooms where there is a tiled wall or skirting, the door stop can be fixed on to the door so it connects with the tile making an easy and cost effective method of preventing damage of walls by door handles.

Key features:
  • Matte black finish. Complements our other matte black products.
  • Ideal for fitting to skirting boards to stop door handle from hitting the wall. Can also be screwed onto the door if there is tiling for a bathroom etc.
  • Easy to install and remove for both cleaning and painting a room
  • Single screw fixing. Easy to install for both carpenters and DIY applications. They also do not twist over time thanks to the strong screw fixing on the back
  • Comes with screw and a masonry plug, which is great for bathrooms and kitchens
  • Extra long to help with handles that project more.
  • Height = 85mm
  • Width = 20mm x 20mm

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brushed wall door stop
brushed wall door stop
gunmetal wall door stop
brushed wall door stop
black wall door stop
brushed wall door stop
black wall door stop