Dummy Spindle/Kit


The Dummy spindle kit allows you to turn passage handles to dummy handle for push and pull doors. Cupboards and wardrobes commonly use a dummy handle a means of opening for a more unique look.

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Dummy Spindle KitDummy Spindle Kit
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Dummy kits are ideal for doors that do not need a sprung lever to operate. These are common for push and pull doors such as wardrobe or cupboards doors. These fix to the back of most of our handles for a quick and secure fixing. The rigid spindle can also fix to the handle as well to ensure maximum tightness and very little wobble.

Key features:
  • Easy to install for builders and carpenters.
  • Strong fixings for handles. Dummy handles are often loose and wobbly. Our dummy kits allow through fixings for maximum effectiveness and to ensure that the handles are sturdy for any door.
  • Can be painted to hide fixings. Common for builders trying to hide and screws or silver metal from showing up in modern builds.
  • 60mm backplate