Eibar Knob | 20mm | Stainless Steel

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A more modern knob for newer kitchen, the Eibar knob is great for a bold finishing touch. The small sizes are both minimal yet effective for even larger drawers and cabinets. The copper and brass colours are great for any stone or marble designs for a bold modern look. This is very popular with modern designers and architects.

Please select from the colours and sizes below:

Black Powder Coat is a dark finish with very little sheen
Brass Powder Coat Satin is a matte gold finish for modern designs
Bronze Powder Coat is a dark gold finish similar to old fashioned brass furnishings
Copper Powder Coat is a dark red matte finish
Graphite Powder Coat is a strong dark grey finish
Gunmetal Powder Coat is a dark matte grey finish
White Powder Coat is a strong, smooth neutral white

PS326 - Assorted 1PS326 - Assorted 1
Eibar Knob | 20mm | Stainless Steel From $20.17

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