Pull Handle Entrance Set – 1200mm – Brushed Stainless Steel


From US$14.58

1.2 meter long back to back entry pull handle with door lock. Complete set in brushed stainless steel finish

Great for modern front doors



Pull Handle Entrance Set – 1200mm – Brushed Stainless Steel

Entry Pull Set – 1.2m long for front entry feature doors. Complete with lock and magnets. Brushed stainless steel finish.

The lock allows you to either:

  1. Leave the door open,where the magnets ensure that the door does not swing around in the breeze
  2. Snib from the inside so that outsiders require a key to get in, but the inside can be unlocked by turning the snib
  3. Deadlock, which means both inside and outside can only be opened with a key


  • 1.2 metre long back to back pull handles (pair)
  • Lockwood 005 Paradigm Lock
  • 2 x magnets (pair)

Pull handle size:

  • height = 1200mm
  • width = 40mm
  • depth = 25mm
  • projection = 50mm

Options include:

  • DL latch to be used with aluminium frames or if you prefer a self locking door. (latch shown left)dl-latch
  • Extension kit for door that are more than 48mm thick.
  • Keyed alike for those who want more than one lock and want them all with the same key.