Fabricator Lock | Throw Bolt | Satin Chrome | No Cylinders


Fabricator throw bolt lock – Satin Chrome

-Cylinders not included-

Used for commercial swinging aluminium doors and come complete with lock, escutcheons.

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    These locks are used for commercial swinging doors and come complete with lock, escutcheons, and secure striker plate designed to prevent jimmying.

    Features include:

    • Short backset (23mm)
    • Commercial quality
    • Suits 570 oval cylinders (cylinders not included)
    • Conforms with level S1 (Physical Security) Australian Lock Standard (Standard No. AS4145.2-1993)
    • Conforms with level D3 (Durability) Australian Lock Standard (Standard No. AS 4145.2-1993)




    y590 short backset lock
    y590 short backset lock