Flush Bolt | 150mm | Slide Action | Polished Stainless Steel


A simple strong flush bolt that installs on the side of a double door for a fast and secure locking mechanism. Great for when you don’t want to see too much on a double door.

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150mm long flush bolt150mm long flush bolt
Flush Bolt | 150mm | Slide Action | Polished Stainless Steel $24.32

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Flush bolts are a affordable versatile solution to keeping double/French doors shut securely. Double doors are great for enhancing any design however they do require additional hardware. These go on the second door and keep in shut and locked in place. This achieves three things. Firstly, it stops the wind rattling against double doors that lead to the backyard or verandah . Secondly it adds extra security if someone tries force entry. Thirdly, it allows you to use only one door at a time if both doors don’t need to be opened.

Key Features Are:
  • Easy to install for carpenters and builders.
  • Strong and durable for external doors
  • Easy slide arm action to operate with ease