Hinge | 100mm x 70mm | Hirline (Easy Fit/Fast Fix) | Gunmetal


A standard size gunmetal hirline hinge. Great for both doors on the outside and inside. The hinges have a ball bearing mechanism in them which adds a bit of extra strength and helps in opening the door. Suitable for metal and aluminium jambs as well.

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Our gunmetal hirline hinge is strong, durable and suits all kinds of doors in a wide variety of environments. It is common now that hinges are becoming a feature and as such must match the door hardware. Our gunmetal hinge has a ball bearing mechanism in them which allows a smoother operation of the door. More so than other hinges which have a removable pin. The standard 100mm X 75mm allows the hinge to suit tall or wide doors as well.

Key Features Are:
  • Gunmetal finish. Matches our gunmetal range.
  • Ball bearings for extra strength and smoothness. Allows the gunmetal hirline hinge to suit multiple applications.
  • Suits doors from 35mm and thicker.
  • 2.5mm thick 304 grade stainless steel.
  • Suitable for both timber and metal doors and frames, common in commercial setups.
  • Come with screws to match.