Hinge | 100mm X 75mm | Lift Off | Right Hand | Gunmetal


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Hinge | 100mm X 75mm | Lift Off | Right Hand | Gunmetal $11.50
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Lift off hinges are an ideal solution for ensuring compliance with the DDA, as they allow doors to be easily removed when necessary, providing greater accessibility and ease of use for individuals with disabilities. This is particularly important in situations where a standard door opening may not provide enough space for a person with a disability to pass through comfortably. It is also required when there is not enough space inside a toilet room where the door swings inwards and could potentially injure a person requiring assistance. Please refer to your Building Inspector for confirmation before purchasing.

In addition to providing greater accessibility, lift off hinges also offer a number of other benefits, such as ease of maintenance and cleaning, and the ability to remove doors for repair or replacement without the need for special tools or equipment.