Hydraulic Pivot Hinge | Silver


Hydraulic Pivot Hinge in silver. Ideal for front doors and internal doors. Closes up to 100kg door.

Included adjustable base plate and top of door adjustment.

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Select the zero clearance pivot (below) if you have full height doors
concealed hydraulic pivot hingeconcealed hydraulic pivot hinge
Hydraulic Pivot Hinge | Silver $250.00
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concealed hydraulic pivot hingeconcealed hydraulic pivot hinge
Hydraulic Pivot Hinge | Silver

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The Silver Hydraulic Pivot Hinge is everything you need for a self closing fully adjustable hydraulic pivot. The benefits of this model over many on the market is that the main mechanism is contained within the door and not the floor. This way, you do not have to cut into the floor. This makes it ideal for both external and internal applications.

Key Features Are:
  • Silver Finish. A standard colour to blend in to doors or draw the eye for modern warm builds.
  • Suits door from 38mm thick or more. A common size for external doors is 40mm-45mm.
  • Can self close a door of up to 100kg. The weight rating of the hinge is over 200kg.
  • Adjustable floor plate to help get the door plumb. Adjustable after installation to same time and reduce labour.
  • Opens both ways with quick closing from 90°-20° and slow close from 20°-0.
  • Pivot distance from edge of door is 58mm.
  • Hold open from 90 degrees or more.
  • Door width max = 1200mm.
Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What is a Pivot Hinge used for? – Pivot hinges are commonly used for concealed doors. The Pivot Hinge allows the installed to place the door anywhere within the door jamb, which means they can have it flush with the outside wall making the door seem almost invisible. No door handle is required as the door will close on its own making it a safe from crushing fingers if trying to pull the door closed without the use of a handle.
  2. How is a pivot different from a hinge joint door? The main difference is that a pivot is installed into the top and bottom of the door whereas a standard hinge gets installed into the door frame and the side of the door.
  3. What are the two main types of pivot hinges? The 2 main types of pivot hinges are sprint loaded and hydraulic. The spring loaded pivots are less strong in the ability to close the door. They also close at a single speed which can be regulated. The hydraulic pivot hinges are much stronger and allow for heavier doors. They also have 2 closing speeds and act exactly like a standard hydraulic door closer.


175mm Long

52.5mm High

30.5mm Thick


Click here to download the cutout instructions for the pivot hinge