Lockwood 2024 Series Door Closer | Standard Backcheck Door Closer


A commercial quality door closer to stop and hold the door in certains positions. Easy to install and suits all kinds of doors and sizes.

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Lockwood 2024 Series Door CloserLockwood 2024 Series Door Closer
Lockwood 2024 Series Door Closer | Standard Backcheck Door Closer $113.00

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The Lockwood 2024 door closer is an ideal solution to controlling large swinging doors. The closer mounts at the top of the door, and stop the door at a certain distance. This is common in houses like front doors with pivots to protect the door from over-opening. The hold open variant also holds the door open at a certain position to allow maximum foot traffic through any area. This is good for both patios or shopfronts where the doors are constantly in use and need to stay open for extended periods.

Key Features Are:
  • Easy to install setup. Most carpenters and builders can install with no specialised tools required.
  • Adjustable for the door. The bigger the door, the more torque can be applied help keep the door shut or held open.
  • Adjustable latching and closing speed for the door so they can slow down when they close to prevent banging.
  • Non-handed. Suitable for left or right hand doors.
  • Fire rated for up to 4 hours. Please note that the hold open door closer is not suitable for use on any fire door.


For more information, you can visit the page on Lockwoods website by clicking here.