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Magnetic Catch (Pair)

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Magnetic Catch (Pair)

Very strong door magnets used to hold a door closed in lieu of a latch or ball catch.

25mm diameter x 8mm deep.

  • Can be used in stead of a latch or roller ball catch
  • For heavy doors such as front doors, recommend use 2 sets
  • Each packet contains 2 rare earth magnets, screws, packer, holding cups.
  • Because magnets don’t touch, they will never wear out
  • Can be painted over
  • Magnets can be packed out so that when magnets are close to touching, they are at their strongest.
  • Can be used to keep problematic doors closed such as french doors, sliding doors and any doors that tend to rattle.
  • Quick and easy installation. Also with the holding cups, it ensures that no precision in the depths of the holes is required.
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