Magnetic Door Catch | White


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Magnetic Door Catch whiteMagnetic Door Catch white
Magnetic Door Catch | White $19.00
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This revolutionary magnetic door catch work by a spring loaded magnet on the reveal of the door that pops out to engage the magnet on the door jamb side when the door is closed. This means that the magnets are at their maximum strength unlike traditional magnetic catches that rely on how far apart the magnets can be.

They can also be used on aluminium as well as timber doors and jambs and any combination thereof.

Features include:

  • Easy installation
  • Can be used on wooden or aluminium doors and frames
  • 4 screws per side
  • Instructions on the back of the blister pack

We recommend the use of at least 2 of these for external doors and only 1 for internal doors.

They should be mounted on the side of the door where you would normally install a door latch. They can be installed on the top of the door, however the further they are from the end of the door, the weaker the magnetic bond will be.