Matthew Lever Handle | Matte Black


The Matthew Lever Handle Set can be customised depending on what you like the look of. This makes it suitable for many different types of doors and styles

  • Finish: Matte Black

In stock (can be backordered)

The Black Matthew Lever Handles are an easy to install handle that is both durable and versatile. The Black Matthew Lever Handles are great for those new modern builds that really focus on a more modern look and designs with hard edges. Matte black is a very modern finish that is desired by many architects, designers and builders. The black colour allows it to stand out against white or wooden backgrounds for a modern, bold finish.

Each Matthew Set comes with:
  • 2 handles (inside & outside)
  • Your choice of a drive in or rectangular styled latch. Both latches are versatile and much more durable compared to others on the market
  • All screws and fixings
The Matthew Set has many additional features and strengths compared to few other brands on the marker.
  • It suits many new and existing holes on doors. Pre-drilled holes are commonly sized at 50mm or 54mm. This makes installing the Matthew on both new and older doors a breeze. Installations are quick and easy.
  • The backplates are available in both a traditional round and modern rounded off square look. This is great for both newer builds which focus on hard edges and contemporary designs with rounded themes.
  • The drive in latches are an ideal replacement to the prelatched latches in Corinthian and Hume doors. Furthermore, the latches come in the matching colour so ever colour and style will stand out above the rest.