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Milos Cavity Slider Lock – Matte Black



  • Finish: Matte Black

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Milos Cavity Slider Lock – Matte Black

The Milos Cavity Slider Lock is designed to be used with sliding doors. It’s flush finish makes it ideal for cavity slider doors where there is not much space between the door and the cavity in which it slides into.

The inside has a up and down action to lock and unlock. The outside has an emergency release which shows red when engaged, this way if for some reason the door needs to be unlocked from the outside, you can achieve this with the use of a small pin.

The striker plate comes with an adjustable catch to allow for movement in the door. It is then covered with an attractive face plate.

Small mortice lock has a throw beak which when hit will retract thus prevent damage when the door is slammed and the lock is in a locked mode.

Features include:

  • Easy to install
  • Accommodates 34 to 50mm thick doors
  • Lock and unlock by sliding on inside of door
  • Emergency release on outside of door
  • Complete set, does not require anything else for sliding door
  • Matte black electroplate finish


  • 187mm high x 37mm wide
  • 51mm backset


Milos Cavity Slider Lock - Matte Black

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