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The Milos Cavity Slider Lock is a high quality and versatile lock that provides a privacy lock to sliding doors in a house. It has a up and down action lever on the inside that throws a hook bolt to active the lock. This lock also features a red indicator on the outside. This acts as a indicator if the room is occupied in addition to being the emergency release mechanism. The emergency release activates by putting a pin or small utensil to unlock the hook bolt.

The cavity lock comes as a complete set. All the screws and striker plate are included in every kit and also allowing a quick simple install process. The striker plate also comes with an adjustable catch to allow for movement in the door. It is then covered with an attractive face plate.

The small mortice lock is strong and durable. It is also designed to retract when the sliding door is closed when the bolt is out. It therefore prevents against accidental damage; a common weakness of other mortice locks.

Features for sliding doors include:

Easy to install.
Accommodates 34 to 50mm thick doors. This is a standard Australian and North American door thickness for sliding doors.
Lock and unlock by sliding on inside of door.
Emergency release on outside of door. It is both small and discreet.
Complete set, does not require anything else for sliding door.
Matte black finish. Our matte black is bold and beautiful. Modern homes and designs favour black for its striking looks. This finish pairs well with white panel doors for the ultra modern look and feel

Milos Cavity Slider Lock


179mm high x 37mm wide.
51mm backset.

The milos cavity lock also matches with our other milos handles for passage sliding doors. End pulls can pair with both the passage milos and the cavity slider locks for doors the recess into a wall cavity.

Milos Cavity Slider Lock

Instructions & Templates

This document is provided as a dimensional reference and should not be printed as a drilling
template unless it can be correctly scaled to 100% by your printer

Click here to download The template for the milos cavity slider lock