Milos Flush Pull Handles | Matte Brushed Nickel | Sold Individually

From $8.50

Comfortable, modern handles for sliding doors, the nickel Milos Flush Pulls are sure to impress. Easy to install and with various sizes for ensuites, feature sliding doors and more, you can maintain a consistent design style.

Please select from the sizes above.

Please note that these products are sold as individuals. Typical sliding doors from a room to another room (eg. a bedroom to an ensuite) will usually require two. Sliding doors for cupboards and wardrobes usually require just one.
We also offer end pulls to suit. This allows you to pull the door out of the cavity pocket
Milos flush pull handles brushed nickelMilos flush pull handles brushed nickel
Milos Flush Pull Handles | Matte Brushed Nickel | Sold Individually From $8.50

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Our nickel Milos Flush Pulls suit modern homes with sliding doors. Sliding doors offer many advantages over standard swinging doors. They take up less room and suit smaller homes with not as much floor space. As such, it is vital to have a handle that is not only functional but soft on the hands.

Our milos flush pull accommodates doors of all styles from bedrooms doors and laundry nooks to ensuites and sliding back doors.

Key Features Are:
  • Various sizes for different doors sizes. Suits smaller doors, like ensuite and robes but also larger feature doors, like living and theatre rooms.
  • Soft comfortable inside. Reduces the edge of the handle cutting into your handle allowing heavier doors to open easily.
  • Our flush pulls also suit wardrobe and cupboard doors. The inside grip has a lip that suits push and pull doors like laundry and cupboard doors.
  • Concealed screw holes. Builders and carpenters use a wood/silicon glue for fast and easy installation. Concealed screws allow and even stronger fixing for heavier or wider doors.
  • Versatile and compatible with other products. Key locks and privacy bolts can be used in conjunction with the nickel Milos Flush Pulls.