MY Cover | Privacy | Square | Pair | Matte Brushed Gold


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MY Cover | Privacy | Square | Pair | Matte Brushed Gold $13.00
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MY Cover | Privacy | Square | Pair | Matte Brushed Gold

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Pair of cover plates to be used with our Patented ‘MY Base‘.

Features include:

  • 65mm Square
  • Ultra slim 8mm thick
  • No visible lines as there is only 1 component
  • Easy to install with 1 grub screw located on the latch side for easy access

The MY Cover Plates are designed for maximum flexibility, ease of installation and aesthetics in mind:

Maximum Flexibility

These cover plates can be interchanged depending on what you prefer or what you need the handle to do. For example, you can choose from square or round, passage or privacy function. The Privacy function plates come with small holes on the latch side of the handle. On the inside, you will have a push button and on the outside, the hole is there for emergency release – in case someone gets locked in and you need to open the door.

Ease of Installation

The My Cover Plates take only a moment to install. They are merely pushed into place and then the grub screw is tightened so it won’t come off. The location of the grub screw is on the latch side of the door. This helps with installation as you can keep turning the alan key (supplied) without it scratching the door and without having to keep taking it off. Traditionally, grub screws are located underneath which means you need to remove the alan key every time you make a half turn. It also increases the possibility of scratching the door.


We often hear customers complain that the cover plates are in 2 parts and do not match, ie. a square inner with a circular outer or a round inner with a square outer. We also hear that sometimes the final cover plate either moves, or is not flush with the inner part. The My Cover Plates do not have these problem as they are a single unit which cover the whole mechanism.