MY Sif | Mortice Lock | Single Cylinder | Round Cover Plates | Gunmetal


The Round Gunmetal Sif is available as a passage setup with no latch. This combination is suitable for internal doors that don’t need a integrated lock like hallway doors. Existing latches already on the door are suitable for retrofitting as well minimising labour required on site.

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MY Sif | Mortice Lock | Single Cylinder | Round Cover Plates | Gunmetal $177.00
SKU: MY-7073-ML-1-RND-GM

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A modern square handle that focus on hard edges, the round gunmetal sif is the architect’s favourite. Modern themes are an already popular style and as such door hardware must be modern as well.

Gunmetal is a very modern finish being unique and almost daring to be different. The square style is also brings out a more modern feel any any home. The hard straight edges of the sif handle are sure to impress anyone.

Key Features Are:
  • Can fit over bore holes of up to 54mm in diameter (2 1/8 inch.)
  • 60mm backset (2 3/8 inch.)
  • Left or right handed door. Swinging direction and position does not matter.
Key Features For Mortice Lock Setups Are:
  • Standard size mortice lock; 85mm pitch, 60mm backset.
  • Matching round escutcheons to suit.
  • Single cylinder that has a key on the outside and a thumb turn/snib on the inside.

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