MY Sif | Passage Bundle Including Latch | Round Cover Plates | Matte Black


The Round Black Sif is available as a passage setup with with a latch. This combination is suitable for internal doors that don’t need a integrated lock like hallway doors or laundry doors. Suitable for new or existing doors with either timber or metal frames/jambs.

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passage handle with latch in matte blackpassage handle with latch in matte black
MY Sif | Passage Bundle Including Latch | Round Cover Plates | Matte Black $69.50

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Modern bold designs for those that want to spruce up a new build, the round black Sif is ideal. Black is very popular both with architects for design and builders for a better look. White doors and walls with black hardware is a very modern contract that only few can say no to. The bold design is great for builders that want a different, more demanding look for their jobs.

Key Features Are:
  • Can fit over bore holes of up to 54mm in diameter (2 1/8 inch.)
  • 60mm backset (2 3/8 inch.)
  • Left or right handed door. Swinging direction and position does not matter.
  • Comes with 2 striker plates – ‘D’ type for timber jambs and ‘T’ type for metal jambs.
Key Features For Passage Setups With Latches Are:
  • Easy to install on new or pre-existing doors. Our handles cover large holes and our latches suit timber or metal frames. All components come in the box at no extra charge.
  • Our latches consist of strong metals and quality materials to prevent breaking and snapping over time. This ensure that you don’t need to keep replacing parts over time and doing extra work.
  • Matching face plates and striker plates for the latches allows a consistent finish throughout any design.

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