Oval | Turn Snib | Matte Black


A common sized black oval turn snib. Suits commercial locks and applications such as shopfronts, hotels and public areas. Comes with cams for any operation or setup.

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Oval | Turn Snib | Matte Black

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A standard black oval turn snib to suit most commercial locks and systems such as shops, hotels and restaurants, these suit almost any commercial lock. Thanks to the variety of cams, you set how you want the lock to work. Common setups include always being locked from the outside so access is restricted.

Key Features Are:
Black Oval Turn Snib
  • Most commonly used on 3572 mortice locks and fabricator locks for aluminum/commercial doors
  • Compatible with most brands that use an oval cylinder setup such as Lockwood and Kaba
  • Comes with additional cams.
  • Easy to grab turn snib to suit high traffic areas such as schools, hospitals and shops
  • 34mm overall length
  • Matte black finish

Click below for instructions on what cams to use for different functions

Cam Selection Instructions


Choosing the correct cams