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For doors that are over 48mm thick, you will need to use the Extension kit for the lock to work.
To use the paradigm in conjunction with an electric strike for keyless access, you will also need to purchase the Electric Strike Combo
If you want to be able to lock the door behind you when leaving, you will need the Dead Latch and striker plate
Paradigm | Round | Chrome Plated | OutsideParadigm | Round | Chrome Plated | Outside
Paradigm | Round | Chrome Plated $142.00

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Paradigm | Round | Chrome Plated | OutsideParadigm | Round | Chrome Plated | Outside
Paradigm | Round | Chrome Plated

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The Lockwood paradigm is a very versatile, strong lock that many residential architectural and commercial applications use. It is one of the most common locks on the Australian market and is pairs with many our products for a secure lock to any door

Its notable features include:

High quality lock constructed using alloy or 304 grade stainless steel. Both can be used outside on front doors, side doors and on gates. For those close to the ocean, the stainless steel is resistant to weather and rust.
Size of the lock matches our trade and architectural range handles and can be used in conjunction with the passage set for a strong lock on any external door.
The paradigm can also be used in conjunction with one of our pull handles for a modern architectural setup.
The paradigm is both a snib/safety lock and a deadlock. A red/green indicator on the inside notifies you what state the door is in.

Lock-Alert-005-PassageWhile in passage mode the snib is green and the door can be opened from the inside and the outside.

Lock-Alert-005-SafetyWhile in safety mode the door can be open from the inside but is locked from the outside unless one has a key. This is commonly known as a night latch to lock people out but to allow a quick exit if necessary.

Lock-Alert-005-SecureWhile in deadlocked mode the lock cannot be open from the inside or the outside unless one has a key. This is what’s known as a deadlock where if an intruder breaks into a premises the door remains locked.

The paradigm pairs with a deadlatch as well instead of a bolt. This is similar to many older style locks that lock behind you.
For a keyless entry, the paradigm can be used with an electric strike. This can then be added to key card readers or keypads as well.


Click here to download extention kit instructions
Click here to download extension kit instructions



Backset: 60mm or 70mm.  Adjustments made on the bolt
Hole size: 54mm
Door Thickness: 32mm – 48mm (Standard). For thicker doors you will need an extension kit.