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Paradigm – Square – Matte Black



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The Matte Black Square 005 Paradigm Lock is one of the most versatile locks giving you not only security but safety in the 3 function modes. The 3 functions are:

  1. Passage mode – This means the lock is not locked. The bolt is tucked in to the door so the user can come or go without hindrance.
  2. Night mode – This mode is when the door is locked via the turn snib from the inside. This way strangers cannot unlock the door from outside unless they have a key. Occupants of the house can easily get out by just turning the snib from the inside. This way if there is an emergency, the occupants do not have to look for a key to get out. Also if someone leaves the house while there are still people in the house, they can turn the key on the lock from outside until they hear or feel the first click. This means that they can also snib the lock while leaving without deadlocking in the occupants. There are many 3 way locks that do not allow for this function.
  3. Deadlock – This mode is important for security and for insurance purposes. Many insurance companies require you to have deadlocks on all external door including door between the house and a garage. When the lock is in a deadlock mode,  nobody can get out or come in unless they have a key. It also means that thieves who try and break in by breaking an adjoining window or the glass in the door, cannot stick the hand through and unlock the door from the inside. When this mode is used, the lock shows a small red window on the inside to indicate that it has been deadlocked. This is called the ‘lock alert’ window.

Here at The Lock and Handle we have extended the features of this lock by providing some new options and functionality.

Special Features of the Matte Black Square 005 Paradigm Lock include:

  1. Matte black finish – This gives the lock a whole new look. Great for pairing up with other matte black door hardware as well looking great on timber pivot door which are so popular at the moment.
  2. DL latch – This is simply a latch that replaced the bolt of the lock. This is for those who want to be able to pull the door behind you and know that it’s locked.It’s also very good for those who have electric strikes use in home automation systems. This way you can use the lock in combination with almost any electronic access system.
  3. Extension kit- This allows users to install the lock on door that are more than 48 mm thick. They can be used for door that are up to 100 mm thick. The bolt however must be installed up to a maximum of 24 mm from the inside face of the door. Measured from the inside face of the door to the center of the bolt. The outside part of the lock then extends to a very long distance.
  4. Key alike – If you buy more than one of these locks, you can have them all use the same key. This means the occupants can open all the locks in their house with the same key.

This lock is ideal for using with pivot door in conjunction with pull handles. Below are links to some of our bundled entry pull handles:

Below is a promotion video explaining some features of this Matte Black Square 005 Paradigm Lock.



Paradigm - Square - Matte Black

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