Pivot Hinge | Adjustable Spring Loaded | 20 to 40kg | Matte Black


Suits internal doors:

  • minimum 35mm thick doors
  • maximum 1500mm wide doors
  • 20 to 40kg doors includes standard hollow core and semi solid doors
  • adjustable spring tension
  • hold open at 90 degrees or more
  • swing through 180 degrees +
  • use magnetic catch to assist closing at 0 degrees

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Black self closing pivot hinge with hold open gives you so many more design opportunities. Packed full of features at an incredibly affordable price.

Features include:

  • ideal for flush finishing doors where no handle is desired.
  • mechanism is cut into the bottom corner of the door, thus making installation much easier than floor box mechanisms
  • can be fixed onto almost any flooring
  • adjustable header in order to get the door either plumb or make sure it looks in line with vertical reveals
  • cost effective solution


How to calculate clearance required for doors from the door jamb to the edge of the door

Door ThicknessCalculated Clearance(1)Recommended Clearance


(1)Recommended clearance is the calculated clearance +2.5mm and rounded up

(2) Pivot has a center 80mm from edge of door. To measure where to center the pivot, add 80mm + Recommended Clearance from the wall reveal or door jamb.

Go to ‘Downloads’ tab to download a PDF version of examples of door clearances. This document can printed at 100% scaling in order ot be used as a template. Make sure to check dimensions before using.

Diagram below shows Red = 35mm door, Yellow = 38mm door, Green = 40mm door and Light Blue = 44mm door.




PDF file below will open in a new tab. Please ensure scaling is 100% when printing and check dimensions before using as a template.

Door clearance diagram examples

door clearance diagram – examples